Solid As Concrete

Back in the day, maybe 8 or 9 years ago, I got really interested in concrete as a building material being used aesthetically on the interior of homes. It's an amazing material, can be customized in literally any way imaginable, it's super malleable, can be made any color, etc. I still love it actually. The world is full of materials that can be used in a thousand ways, just have to think outside the box a little bit. I went and took a couple workshops with the guys from Stone Soup Concrete in Easthampton and learned more than I ever imagined about concrete. But the guy who really took it to the next level is my buddy Goose - New Zealand born, who at the time was living in Worcester, married to a girl from Rutland, and now living in Australia. Goose is one of the most talented, creative, hard-working guys I've ever met and we've been buddies since the day he and his brother arrived in Worcester from New Zealand to play rugby with us. Goose and his wife and their little daughter (my goddaughter!!) then moved to Burleigh Heads, Australia a few years ago for family, sun, surf, and who-wouldn't-move-to-Australia ?? Long story short, he's killing it now with his business Concrete Nation, and his work is just getting more and more amazing everyday and every project he takes on. A talented crew of friends I have, that's for sure. Check out my boy Goose and his wife Kate over at

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