The $320 MILLION dollar bridge….

Do we really need a $320 million-dollar bridge built here? Why? Didn't we just build a $60-million-dollar flyover thing just a few years ago? Didn't we just spend $12 million to paint that freaking bridge the past two summers??

There's a brand new train service - The CapeFLYER - from Boston to the Cape now. Take it. From South Station in Boston to Hyannis on the Cape it costs a whopping $22. TWENTY-TWO DOLLARS!! Even with my Prius it costs that much to get to Boston (not really, but who's costs about five bucks actually).

Why can't we take that money - again, $320 MILLION dollars - and give teachers a raise? I know there are a ton of theories why we can't, but it just seems so unnecessary. We don't need another bridge because people are upset that they have to sit in traffic for an hour on Friday evenings while getting to the Cape. So what?? It's a great place here, and good things come to those who wait. We wait all 8 months of winter for summer....people can wait a little bit to get over the bridge to enjoy it. We definitely do not need to spend that amount of money on a bridge....and there's no way it stays anywhere near $320m. No way.

Good things come to those who wait. In traffic. On Fridays. Tough cookies.

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