The Concrete Nation in a new nation….

Big news from one of our favorite crews in the world....

Our boy Goose is now living and thriving with his wife and two little girls over on the Gold Coast of Australia. When they were living in the States up until a few years ago - wow, it really has been a few years now?? - Goose was making quite the name for himself in the land of concrete countertops and furniture pieces and accessories. Having taken a little time to get their legs under them again after moving from Worcester to Burleigh Heads, Australia, he's now back up and running and getting better and better every day. His new business is called Concrete Nation - which is just awesome with an O - and he sent me news last night that it's taking off over there and big things are happening. O-some!

Check out the site: chances are slim that any of us here will be ordering anything from them in Australia, but it's just awesome to see something that started over here in Worcester and was bounced around and perfected amongst our jobsites and our clients here on the Cape is now thriving on the other side of the world.

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