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Just a quickie here... We've been busy the past four/five months or so creating a couple of commercial spaces in downtown Dennisport as part of the revitalization of that particular area. It's been a ton of fun to be involved with, and we completed two commercial projects there in that time. Carole King's interior design store Porter & Mags was/is one of the places, and it's worth every minute you have to stop there and check it out, have a conversation with her and discuss what she can do for you and your home, and also shop around at what's probably the coolest retail store anywhere around here.

The other and larger place we completed was the new second-home of Power Yoga Cape Cod, aptly named Power Yoga Cape Cod of Dennisport. We wrapped it up about a week or more ago, and after letting the dust settle for a bit, I finally went to my first class there tonight...conveniently straight after attending a 4:00 class at the Harwich location (two in a row!!).

I just honestly have to say something,and it's tough to put into words (and I LOVE written words)...but there is something really, truly, magical about this space. I've been to a good few yoga studios, and this one is honestly top of the line, numero uno. It's beautiful. It's the most warming, energetic space to practice in that you could imagine. Yoga is all about energy, and this place has it perfectly; it's not over the top; it's not too little; it's just - right. There was a lot of hype and lots of kind words said to us after we completed the space and the girls actually opened up last week - and usually those are just that, kind words for work completed - but after attending my own first class tonight and really feeling the goodness and energy inside there, it is all completely entirely true. This space is just wonderful. I'm so proud of everyone for helping create it, and I'm super proud of Leigh and Jill for imagining such a beautiful place and then letting us make it come to life. It's honestly the best place I've ever practiced in, and that has nothing to do with the fact that we built it. (Well, maybe just a tiny tiny bit.)

That's all for now. We'll have lots of pictures and stories of the building process coming up in the next few weeks. But right now, just go there and see it for yourself. It's amazing. It really is.

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