Zero-Energy on Commercial St, Provincetown, 2015

Back at it again for the guys up in Ptown. Love working on this house and love working for these clients.

A sauna? Right now, there’s 2’ of snow on the ground! Who doesn’t love a good sauna??

A sauna? Absolutely! I love saunas and you’re crazy if you don’t. When I was traveling through Iceland a few months ago, I knew this project was coming up so I went to the town saunas (every town in Iceland has a pool and’s like our equivalent of the Lost Dog Pub for after work activities) and studied how they were built and what they looked like inside. They’re incredibly good for you. Super healthy, fun, you feel like a million bucks when you get out of one, and they’re just all around goodness. We’re taking a portion of the large unfinished basement in this Ptown home and creating a totally redone, finished spa & sauna space utilizing concrete, steel, huge stone tiles imported from Europe, natural woods…everything I could want to sue in creating a great project. We’re just getting underway now and have a few months to go, but this is going to be very very cool.

Decks decks decks and decks

We’re finally putting some focus on the decks that surround this house, and this time around the guys have decided to go for it and rebuild all of them completely - which is a great idea. The old decks were original, framed horribly, rotting, finished with pressure-treated decking, and falling down. Now we’re rebuilding them with pressure-treated framing, diamond-pier bases, and Ipe decking and fencing all around. Quite a project, and it’s about time. The Journal of Light Construction is following along for various stages of this work and you can read about that here: go to article at JCONLINE.

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